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EC250 Blanket Warmer

Medical blanket warmers increase patient satisfaction

Patient warming helps reduce surgical site infections and aids in the recovery process. Use the countertop EC250 blanket warmers in the operating room or labor and delivery rooms to keep patients warm through the entire procedure. The heavy-duty warming units are mobile with optional casters, allowing nurses and aides to maximize their time. The EC250 is stackable for additional capacity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Energy Efficient - The efficient, even heating system allows for low-energy consumption and minimal heat loss while maintining appropriate tempeatures.
  • Safety - The WarmSafe™ multi-zone heating techonology monitors surfaces for safe temperature ranges. A warming shut-off function prevents overheating.
  • Silent Operation - Keep your patient rooms quiet and comforting with this unit that has no fans or moving parts.


  • Capacity: 4-6 blankets
  • Interior: 2.5 ft3 (.07 m3)
  • Size: 21.9 in (55.7 cm) H; 18.5 in (47 cm) W; 23.4 in (59.4 cm) D
  • Stackable: Stacks with EC250 and EC350 blanket warmers
  • WarmSafe™: The multiple-zone warming technology heats where and when it is needed
  • Durable: The stainless steel exterior is made to last

Energy efficient WarmSafeTM heating system monitors interior surface temperatures and balances heat throughout cabinet (Patent No: US 8,217,316; US 8,581,152)

  • Silent operation (no fans or moving parts)
  • Lint traps not required
    • Stationary or mobile option
    • Epoxy-coated interior surfaces • Programmable control
    • Three capacities available:
  • » 4-6 blankets (2.5ft3)