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Replacement Battery for Philips / Agilent Heartstart FR2, FR2+, M3840A, and M3841A AED. Replaces OEM Part M3863A; This re-celled Philips M3863A battery pack utilizes OEM components including lithium cells that match those used by the OEM. By using the same cells as those used by the OEM the re-celled packs provide the same performance and life as that of the original Philips HeartStart FR2 and FR2+ battery. The FDA has granted clearance under filing 510(k) K120350 for these M3863A battery packs and a 5 year warranty is included. 

This Non-Rechargeable Lithium battery has a nominal voltage of 12.0V and a rated capacity of 4.2Ah.

Battery shall maintain a minimum of 80% rated capacity for 12 months from date of shipment