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Universal Grounding Plate - Bottle Shape with Cord - 50 Pads per Case - RS25A30 - Compatible with ConMed, ValleyLab, 3M

Universal Grounding Plate - Bottle Shape with Cord 1 per Pouch; 50 Pads per Case
Type: Split
Size: Adult
Conductive Area: 107 cm²

Compatible with:
ConMed Macrolyte - 402-2750
3M - 9160 or 1180 
ValleyLab Polyhesive II - E7509
ConMed Macrolyte - 402-2800
3M - 9160F or 1180
ValleyLab Polyhesive II - E7509B
ConMed ThermoGard - 51-7410

The unique gel of Skintact Cool Contact Grounding Plates adheres perfectly to the body contours, providing maximum safety. An enhanced adhesive border creates additional security should the plate be inadvertently pulled or come into contact with prepping solutions.