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SmartStack I.V. Stand Part Number: R100P49-002 (14-pack)

The all new SmartStack I.V. Stand from Maxtec is what you have been waiting for in an I.V. Pole! Our specially designed pole base is 100% cast aluminum, providing extra stand support and durability. Its unique design will stack neatly with other bases of its kind, allowing for extra storage space, a more organized facility and easy transportation of multiple stands all at once. Best of all, the SmartStack enables side-by-side mounting of multiple pieces of equipment in only half the space required by other I.V. Poles.

  • Unique nested design allows for organized storage
  • Allows for multiple side-by-side applications
  • Large, smooth rolling casters
  • Includes 4 Ram-horn hooks (2 fixed, 2 detachable)
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy transport