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Bird� MicroBlenders Overview

The versatile 3800™ Microblender features delivery of accurate FiO2 mixtures from two outlet ports and has an overall flow range of 2-120 LPM, making it ideal for use with ventilators while providing flows to a flowmeter or Blender Buddy. It can also be used as a stand-alone device for mask CPAP, nasal cannula and resuscitation bags.

The Low Flow is perfect for air, ground and in-house transports as well as infant applications. The Low Flow rage is 3-30 LPM or 0-30 LPM with a bleed.

  • Accurately delivers FiO2 Mixtures
  • High Flow range of 2-120 LPM
  • Low Flow range of 3-30 LPM (0-30 w/bleed)
  • 24 month warranty