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The ultimate anti-fatigue solution for all areas requiring superior comfort in every condition, including wet, oily, and slippery. World famous for food prep areas, cook lines, industrial, and health care applications. This is the only mat offered with an anti-microbial agent IN the material to prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. The softest most comfortable place to stand is on an Ortho Mat. Mats are 3/4" thick.

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  • Works well in all hospitality, industrial, and healthcare applications
  • Closed cell feature eliminates absorption of liquids and fluids
  • Manufactured with an anti-microbial agent in the material to prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth
  • Very user friendly, lightweight and easy to clean
  • National Floor Safety Institute Approved, non-slip quality tested 40% higher than any other sponge mat
  • Non allergenic, latex, and silicone free
  • Ortho Mats are complete with safety bevel, all service carts roll over the mats with ease


  • Promotes employee wellness
  • Immediate increase in productivity and employee morale due to workplace comfort
  • Guaranteed increased reduction of exposure to prolonged cold, heat, and vibration
  • Reduces spinal compression
  • Increases circulation
  • Ergonomically designed guaranteed reduction of back, leg, foot, and ankle fatigue

Part Numbers:

PTMA202434 - 20”x24”x3/4” 

PTMA203334 - 20”x33”x3/4” 

PTMA243634 - 24”x36”x3/4” 

PTMA244234 - 24”x42”x3/4” 

PTMA224834 - 22”x48”x3/4” 

PTMA303634 - 30”x36”x3/4” 

PTMA363634 - 36”x36”x3/4” 

PTMA364234 - 36”x42”x3/4” 

PTMA364834 - 36”x48”x3/4” 

PTMA247234 - 24”x72”x3/4” 

PTMA424834 - 42”x48”x3/4” 

PTMA366034 - 36”x60”x3/4” 

PTMA484834 - 48”x48”x3/4” 

PTMA367234 - 36”x72”x3/4” 

PTMA427234 - 42”x72”x3/4” 

PTMA487234 - 48”x72”x3/4”