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EC1540BL Combination Blanket & Fluid Warmer

Medical fluid and blanket warming support healing

Full Wall Warming

Patented warming technology distributes warmth evenly to fluids, through an electrothermal cable array in the two sides and bottom of cabinet and fan.

Precision Electronic Controls

  • Easy to use, touch pad controls
  • Choose irrigation or injection fluids, and easily adjust desired temperature within recommended range.
  • Audible alarm feature is included on all fluid warmers for overtemp situations.
  • Lock-out function is featured on all deluxe blanket and fluid warmers for extra security.
  • Easy to view LED readout on all models.
  • WarmWatch option available
    • This optional package includes a Dual Temperature Readout that provides visual verification of the unit’s set-point and actual temperatures
    • Reporting Capabilities to record and report warmer performance data
    • A USB Port on the control panel for easy data download

Door Features

  • Snug fitting doors shut tightly to maintain temperature and conserve heat energy.
  • Insulated glass window doors provide at-a-glance inventory.

Heavy Duty Hardware

  • Rugged, easy to grip handles with magnetic latch. Large, commercial hinges are built to take years of heavy use.

Technical Specification

  • 15.4 ft3 Interior Capacity
  • Glass door
  • Interior illumination
  • One (1) 7.7 cu/ft chamber for blankets:
    • 90-200 F adjustable warming range
    • Deluxe electronic control
    • 24-hour timer (single programmable 'off' period)
    • Plastic-coated interior surfaces
  • One (1) 7.7 cu/ft chamber for fluids:
    • 18 1-liter bottles or 14 1-liter bags per basket capacity
    • Two (2) automatically selected warming ranges:
      • 37-40°C (98-104°F) adjustable for 'INJ' mode
      • 37-66°C (98-150°F) adjustable for 'IRR' mode
    • +0/-1.1°C (+0/-2°F) accuracy from 37 - 40°C (98 - 104°F) and +0/-1.7°C (+0/-3°F) accuracy above 40 - 66°C (104 - 150°F)
    • Temperature set-point 'lock'
    • Over-temperature (10°F) indicator (visual/audible)
    • Three (3) plastic-coated wire-basket drawers
  • Fully-welded interior chamber
  • Heavy-duty construction and hardware
  • Perimeter bumper
  • 5" heavy-duty casters for mobility
  • Full wall warming technology
  • WarmRight® warming technology