Medical Equipment Repairs in Beaumont, TX

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MedSurg Equipment’s biomedical services include on-site repairs, inspections, and installations of medical equipment in Southeast Texas.

For repairs and installation our labor rate of $125/hr is well below OEM rates and with our competitive parts pricing we are able to help you keep your costs low.

We offer cost effective biomedical inspections to suit the needs of your maintenance and regulatory standards.

What to expect from MedSurg Equipments biomedical inspections :
Inventory your facility's (Hospital, Clinic, Lab, Physican's Office, etc) equipment and maintain electronic database of equipment with service histories.Perform periodic electrical safety and performance inspections of medical equipment. Inspections frequencies as agreed by both parties.
Printed report upon completion of inspection cycle.

Please contact us for more information at 409-291-4888 or

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