Nitrogen in the OR

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Nitrogen is a dry inert gas commonly used in hospital surgery rooms to drive pneumatic drills. A nitrogen hose is connected to the nitrogen panel within the OR suite. Logical. Now, the majority of sterile hoses that mate to the pneumatic tools have a male Air Schrader connection. Here's where everyone gets confused. A female Nitrogen Schrader connection is the logical fitting to have on the end of a nitrogen hose because we all know that specific gases use specific connections that prevent connecting to anything except the intended gas. Common practice is to use a female air Schrader at the end of the nitrogen hose to allow connection to the male air Schrader servicing the tool. I assure you that the majority of hospitals out there do this on a regular basis and have been doing this for many years. 

A new standard has emerged. Instrument Air seeks to remedy this problem. This requires costly reconfiguring hoses and connections.

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