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Defibrillation Electrodes - Philips (HP) Codemaster - DF26 - Case of 60 sets.

White Barrel Connector

10 per Box, Individually Packaged, Case of 60
Connector (compatible): Codemaster XE, Codemaster XL, Codemaster XL+, Codemaster 100

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SKINTACT Easibeat - Multifunction Defibrillation Electrodes for Adults

SKINTACT Easibeat Multifunction Defibrillation Electrodes are designed for the use of defibrillation, non-invasive pacing, synchronised cardioversion and monitoring.

Our unique C-line technology guarantees perfect GMP processing of all materials and at the same time reduces cost. The perfect adhesion properly ensures the highest degree of skin contact, minimal impedance and is gentle to the patient¿s skin.